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This Terms of Use (the “Agreement”) is between you (either an individual or entity, as
appropriate, “you”) and Tangent Motorsport LLP (“Tangent Motorsport LLP”). Your use of
Tangent Motorsport LLP’s website, webpages, mobile application, online services, and any
materials, data, and information accessed through the website (collectively, the “Website”) is
THESE TERMS. Use this website no more if you disagree with these terms.
Without warning or liability, Tangent Motorsport LLP may also place restrictions on specific
features and services or deny you access to all or a portion of the website.
You may not use this website or enter into an agreement like the one set forth in it if you live
in a jurisdiction that prohibits such agreements. Moreover, you may not use this Website or
enter into this Agreement if you live in a jurisdiction where it is illegal for you to engage in the
activities or services provided by this Website. By using this website, you expressly
acknowledge that you have checked with your own legal authority to see if using it is
Tangent Motorsport LLP disclaims any liability over the suitability or accessibility of the
materials on this website. If and to the extent that local laws are relevant, those who choose
to access the Website do so voluntarily, at their own risk, and on their own initiative. At any
time and at its sole discretion, Tangent Motorsport LLP retains the right to restrict access to
the Website, its contents, or any other items described or offered on it to any individual,
group of people, region, or legal jurisdiction.

Utilization of the website
Tangent Motorsport LLP permits you to view and download the materials from this website
solely for your personal, non-commercial use, subject to the terms and conditions of this
agreement. However, you must preserve all copyright and other proprietary notices present
in the original materials on any copies of the materials that you make. The content on this
website cannot be altered in any way, nor can it be copied, publicly performed, displayed,
distributed, or used in any other way for commercial or public use. These materials may not
be used in any way on any other website or in a networked computer environment.
This website contains copyrighted content, and any unauthorized use of such content could
be illegal under copyright, trademark, and other laws. Your permission to use this site
automatically expires if you violate any of the terms in this agreement, and you must destroy
any downloaded or printed materials right away.

The information on this website, its contents (including all software), and its services are
offered “as is” and come with no warranties of any kind, including those regarding
merchantability, suitability for a particular purpose, and non-infringement on intellectual
use, inability to use, or outcome of using the website in terms of accuracy, reliability, or
otherwise, TANGENT MOTORSPORT LLP makes no representations or warranties of any
kind. Technical errors or typographical errors may be present in the website’s content. If
there is any loss or damage resulting from using the website, you, and not Tangent
Motorsport LLP, are responsible for paying the full cost of any necessary servicing, repair, or
correction. In addition, TANGENT MOTORSPORT LLP disclaims all liability regarding the
accuracy of any content that you access through its websites, those of third parties, or any
other source that you obtain. Nothing on this website should be understood to change the
agreements that govern Tangent Motorsport LLP’s obligations regarding the goods and
services it provides. Furthermore, the materials, software, and services at this website are
not guaranteed to be accurate or complete by Tangent Motorsport LLP. Tangent Motorsport
LLP reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to modify the information and
services offered on this website, as well as the goods and costs mentioned. Tangent
Motorsport LLP disclaims any obligation to update the information and services on this
website, so please check them periodically. You might not be able to use this exclusion
because applicable law may not permit the exclusion of implied warranties.

Use of Software

Tangent Motorsport LLP and/or its suppliers own the copyright to any software that is made
available for download from this website. The conditions of any end user license agreement
that may be included with the software or that goes with it govern how the software is used
(“License Agreement”). Any software that comes with or includes a license agreement
cannot be downloaded or installed unless you have read and agreed to its terms. EXCEPT

Statement of Fraud
The publisher and owner of all rights, titles, and interests in Tangent Motorsport LLP’s
proprietary software and related products is the company. Like this, Tangent Motorsport LLP
is the sole owner of all rights, titles, and interests about its exclusive products.
It is illegal and a copyright violation to hack, distribute, release, sell, use, and/or access
“cracked” or fraudulent versions of Tangent Motorsport LLP products and/or software, as
well as fraudulent application keys that get around the Tangent Motorsport LLP Licensing
Unauthorized duplication or distribution of copyrighted content, such as computer programs
and software, carries severe civil and criminal penalties in India. Criminal and civil penalties
for copyright infringement vary in severity and are governed by the relevant legal provisions.
While jail time and fines may be part of a criminal penalty, civil damages may involve
monetary compensation. To avoid facing legal repercussions for using copyrighted materials
without authorization, it is essential to abide by Indian copyright laws.
Tangent Motorsport LLP vigorously protects and upholds our intellectual property rights.
Please send any questions to [email protected].

Forums and other submissions
Through this website, Tangent Motorsport LLP does not wish to receive any proprietary or
confidential information from you. You agree that any content, information, or other
communication you send or upload to this website is not proprietary or confidential.
Regarding the communications, Tangent Motorsport LLP shall have no obligations. For all
commercial or non-commercial purposes, Tangent Motorsport LLP and its designees shall
be free to copy, disclose, distribute, incorporate, and use the communications and all
information, sounds, images, text, and other materials contained therein in any way. Your
personally identifiable information will be handled in compliance with Tangent Motorsport
LLP’s online privacy statement if you provide it to them to receive goods or services. It is
against the law for you to post or send any illegal, threatening, libelous, defamatory,
obscene, pornographic, or other content to or from this website. Periodically, you may send
Tangent Motorsport LLP ideas, remarks, or other feedback about any of its past, present, or
future offerings, including this website (collectively, “Feedback”). You understand and
acknowledge that Tangent Motorsport LLP and its suppliers will not be subject to any
confidentiality obligations because of the Feedback, even if you designate it as confidential.

You guarantee that Tangent Motorsport LLP that you have all the rights required to disclose
any feedback you disclose, and you agree not to provide Tangent Motorsport LLP any
confidential information unless you are permitted to do so.
To facilitate communication between you and the Internet community or a group, the
Website may include forums and other message or communication facilities (collectively,
“Communications Services”). You are entirely responsible for any content that you upload,
post, email, transmit, or otherwise disseminate using, or in connection with, the
Communications Services. Among other things, when using a Communication Service, you
affirm, represent, and warrant that You will not post, send, submit, publish, or transmit in
connection with the Website any material that:
I. You are not authorized to post anything on the internet, including third-
party proprietary material (like software files or other materials protected
by intellectual property laws, privacy rights, or publicity rights);
II. breaches or has the potential to breach any law, encourages illicit
behavior, or expresses a desire to commit an illegal act;
III. does not directly relate to the website;
IV. threatens or mistreats people, slanders, libels, infringes upon privacy,
stalks, or engages in other inappropriate or offensive behavior;
V. aims to harm or exploit children by requesting personally identifiable
information from them or by exposing them to inappropriate content;
VI. gathers personal data, such as email addresses, from other people
without their permission;
VII. falsifies your affiliation with any other organization or individual, or
tampers with headers or identifiers in any other way to conceal the source
of the content;
VIII. falsifies or removes any proprietary designations, labels, author
attributions, legal or other proper notices, or indications of the origin or
source of software or other content included in a file that is authorized for
IX. promotes any business venture (such as selling goods or services) or
participates in any other commercial activity (such as holding raffles or
competitions, hanging banners advertising sponsorship, or requesting
goods or services) unless expressly permitted on the website;
X. requests money, sponsors, or advertisers;
XI. comprises software containing files, programs, or computer code
intended to disrupt, destroy, or restrict the operation of any computer
XII. interferes with the normal flow of conversation, makes a screen scroll
more quickly than other users can type, or takes any other action that
could hinder other users’ ability to use the website to participate in real-
time activities;
XIII. disregards any rules or guidelines that may be in place from time to time
about how to use the website or any networks connected to it, including
codes of conduct or other guidelines; or
XIV. includes links to software or other websites with content that fits the
previously described categories.

As between you and Tangent Motorsport LLP, you as a result of this assume all risk of harm
or injury resulting from any such noncompliance. TANGENT MOTORSPORT LLP CANNOT
Where users post messages, transmit messages, or converse only with one another on the
website, Tangent Motorsport LLP may, but is not required to, monitor, or review those areas.
But regardless of whether the matter arises from copyright, libel, privacy, obscenity, or
another legal theory, Tangent Motorsport LLP shall not be liable for the contents of any such
communications. Messages containing any content that Tangent Motorsport LLP considers
offensive, abusive, defamatory, or otherwise inappropriate may be removed at its discretion.

Right to Intellectual Property

As between you and Tangent Motorsport LLP, Tangent Motorsport LLP or its affiliates own
all copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, and other proprietary or intellectual
property rights (collectively, “Intellectual Property”) related to the Website. Indian jurisdiction
has laws protecting these kinds of things. A portion of the website cannot be duplicated or
copied in whole or in part due to protections against unfair competition, trade dress, trade
secrets, and other legal issues. Any custom graphics, icons, logos, and other items that
appear on the Website are trademarks, service marks, or trade dress of Tangent Motorsport
LLP and its affiliates or licensors, as between you and Tangent Motorsport LLP. Tangent
Motorsport LLP does not grant you any rights, either express or implied, to Tangent
Motorsport LLP’s or any third party’s intellectual property, save as specifically stated herein.
Any copyright, trademark, trade name, service mark, or other intellectual property notice or
legend appearing on the Website may not be removed, altered, or caused to be removed or
altered. Tangent Motorsport LLP holds all rights herein not expressly granted. Any
unauthorized use of the material on this website may be subject to criminal or civil penalties
for violating copyright, trademark, and other applicable laws.

Tangent Motorsport LLP, its affiliates, licensors, content providers, service providers,
employees, agents, officers, directors, and contractors shall be held harmless by you from
and against any liabilities, claims, losses, and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising
directly or indirectly from, or related to (a) your breach of this Agreement; (b) your use of the
Website; (c) any submissions or Feedback you provide; and (d) your violation of any law or
third party’s rights.

Links to Third Parties
Links to external websites that are not owned or affiliated with Tangent Motorsport LLP may
be found on the website. Users are offered links to these websites as a service; Tangent
Motorsport LLP and the Website are not connected to or sponsored by these websites.
These websites’ content is not Tangent Motorsport LLP’s responsibility; it has not been
reviewed. Any transmission received via webcasting or another method from a website that
is linked is not the responsibility of Tangent Motorsport LLP. Links are to be used at your
own risk; neither Tangent Motorsport LLP nor the websites it links to are responsible for the
accuracy, completeness, or content of the links or the websites they lead to. Links to other
websites are provided by Tangent Motorsport LLP for convenience only. Tangent Motorsport
LLP makes no representations about the content of external websites or its affiliation with
the owners of those websites.

The materials and services available on this website, as well as any copies or adaptations
thereof, may not be used, exported, or reexported in violation of any applicable laws or
regulations, including without limitation export laws and regulations in the Indian jurisdictions.
Without regard to any principles of conflicts of laws, the laws of the Indian jurisdiction shall
govern and be construed in accordance with these terms.
By updating this post, Tangent Motorsport LLP is able to change these terms at any time.
The terms that are in effect at the time should be reviewed on this page periodically as they
are binding on you. Specific legal notices or terms found on specific pages of this website
may take precedence over some of the provisions of these terms.
Tangent Motorsport LLP’s Declaration of Compliance
Software and hardware tools for vehicle diagnostics, scanning, logging, calibration, and data
acquisition are designed and produced by Tangent Motorsport LLP. Such tools may be used
on competition/racing cars and other exempt vehicles, as well as to bring a motor vehicle
into compliance with emissions regulations and/or to maintain it there. Not all tunes or pre-
made calibrations are created or supplied by Tangent Motorsport LLP.
Users are required by Tangent Motorsport LLP’s policies, agreements, and terms of use to
abide by all applicable local, state, and federal laws. You represent, warrant, and agree that
you will not use, employ, or permit any Tangent Motorsport LLP tools to operate as a defeat
device or to violate emissions compliance in any way by using the software and hardware tools.

You also warrant and agree that only manufacturers, calibration companies, and
experts will be able to create emissions-compliant and/or exempted calibrations using the
Tangent Motorsport LLP tools.
Last updated on: 07th December, 2023

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